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Paint Water Towers Silos
Industrial and Commercial Tanks
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Including Chemicial Plants  High Rise Painting

 Great Western Painting
Commercial & Industrial Painting.
Serving the
U. S. A.
  Water Towers -Tanks - Hotels Chemical plants - High Rises - Structural Steel


We paint Water Towers  Water tanks Silos   Tank farms 
Lead Base Paint Encapsulation 



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  Great Western Painting
Commercial & Industrial Painting.
Serving the
U. S. A.
  Water Towers -Tanks - Hotels Chemical plants - High Rises - Structural Steel

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We Provide Lead Base Paint Encapsulation 

 Saves the cost of containment
The Encapsulating Coating
we use, does more then cover up rust.
 & it penetrates into metal surface becoming part of the structure  penetrating in to the surface
 of the metal itself.
Towers - Bridges - Clarifiers-  Structural Steel -
Marine Vessels' Oil
/ Gas Platforms

Cover Over that Lead Base Paint With  Encapsulating Coatings


The Future of our  Industrial Projects


The cost to remove lead base paint is so expensive that company's are not able to
 repaint their
Water Towers - Industrial Tanks - Bridges - Structural Steel - Barges - Bulk Heads. Which in turn when not maintained, start to deteriorate causing loose lead  paint fall to the ground .The winds blows & it blows Lead dust for miles contaminating  soil, water, houses, people, Children Their must be a better and cheaper way then costly   Lead Base Paint Containment


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